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Coastline Depth

Coastline Depth (Basa Letra)I was on my way to perform in a local bar, I am a local performer (vocalist). I choose to walk near the coastline, because the sea breeze was great, the sound of waves are like music to my ears. It was dark, drizzling and no stars in the sky, when I walked along the coastline with my hands on my coat’s pocket. I haven’t gone far from my apartment when I saw a lady standing nearby, she was holding an umbrella. She stood steadily in the coastline, staring at the ocean. I was moving closer to her and I noticed that she was crying while looking at the open sea. Suddenly a series of lighting stroke flashed from a distance I saw her tears pouring on to her face, her teardrops glitters. She turned around and look me in the eye. And then my sight grew dim, I feel weak and …. darkness .

(Many years earlier)

I can no longer recall the exact date but I am sure that it was on a Thursday, summer of April 1989. I was just a 17-year-old street skunk, young, active, and reckless. The city was not exactly as it is now. Not much of street lights, a few bars and a bunch of tiring and boring schools. I live in the country side, in a promising city and I was on the bad side of everything. No parents, no buddies, no permanent address. I was a drifter.

I viewed the world as a hunting place and the people are my prey. Each day is a hell of excitement having taken someone else’s money in a bet of game for April fools. Yes! It made my blood pump out of my veins. In those times, that’s how life meant to me.

I thought that everything would stay the same until one Christmas eve. December 24, a day I can never forget.

It was on this day that my best pal (older brother) died in an accident. We hitched a ride to a neighboring town to do carolling and get some money or food for the night, but did not notice that the driver of the truck we hitched was drunk. The truck crashed on a creek, my brother hugged me while we bumped on the truck. He hit his head on the side of the truck while I hit mine on his chest. He passed out and as the truck started to submerged in the water. I tried pulling him out of the water but he was too heavy and his foot was stucked on the truck’s cargo box. I drowned with him for a while until I can no longer hold my breath and I went up to the surface. I took a depth breath and get back to him but it was too dark. I cannot see him anymore. He’s gone.

My heart burst in anger. I called for help and it took almost an hour before a passing-bye vehicle saw me and called the police. The rescuers pulled two bodies out of the water (the driver and my brother), I ran towards his dead body and hugged him. I cried so loud.

Is this one of life’s ironies? or is this just my punishment? but why my brother? I began asking myself.

The whole world was celebrating Christmas while I am grieving for my brother’s death. At this point I was looking at myself in front of a mirror, I look at the little scar in my left cheek, I stared at those lonely, angry eyes (but dead in intensity) and I could almost see my brother looked at me.

(To be continued…)

Disclaimer: This story is just a fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

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